I like to travel a lot and whenever I am travelling to a new places I try to get to know about the street artist of that particular place. The concept of street arts and graffiti is something I feel very excited about. Wherever I go, I try to find out the best street arts around the city. I have found many spectacular street arts around the world and those all are amazing. Street art is a powerful tool to express your feelings and thoughts. So this is my list of some of the greatest street arts and graffiti I have found around the world.

Vulpes Vulpes

You may have never heard of this particular art, but this art is amazing to say the least. I have found this graffiti in Baltimore. The art is a simple application of black paints and it represent a strong political message. The concept of this art is very unique and the message it conveys is very strong. This is an art of some wolves sharing foods. This art is considered illegal in the neighborhood. I personally found this art astounding.

Alexis Diaz

I found this graffiti in Montreal Canada and this is a very famous art of that city. This is a mural which was completed by Alexis Diaz during the Mural Festival. This was declared as the best Mural of the year. The artistic touch of this mural is very genuine and stunning. The nature based image of this art is what makes it special. The artist of this art has made this a unique one and also an amazing one with all his art. This picture portraits a bird shaped creature with exotic artwork.


Know Hope

I personally like this art very much for the message it conveys. This art represent freedom and hope. I found this exotic art in New York. The message of this art is very strong and clear. You will see two windows and some birds. Where the birds are entering and leaving the windows. The artistic touch in this graffiti is simply amazing.


Another art I found in Montreal, Canada. It seems Canada is the home of lots of talented street artists. This art is based on raw brick surface and it is quite an advantage for the artwork. The portrayal is of a ghostly appearance. It seems there was a previously art on the picture. So the previous image can also be seen. This one is a personal favorite of mine. The artist is Daniel Rojas.


This is art I found in Fondi, Italy. The art is really simple but stunning in every aspect. The art was done during the Urbane festival. There were lots of street artist involved creating this masterpiece. The art is really amazing.

So these are few arts I think are stunning in every aspects. There are lots more around the world and all of those conveys strong messages. This is what I love about street arts.



You always want your home to look good and stylish. But home improvements require a lot of money and you may not even get the desired result after spending much. So if you want to improve the condition of your home and save money as well, you should have some proper planning. With the right plan you can transform the look of your house, and the best thing is you can do that with in your budget. If you are thinking of a home improvement and don’t want to spend much, here are some cool tips for you –

Room Refreshing with Paint

Painting is a great way of changing the look of your house and you wouldn’t have to spend much to do a fresh coat of painting. Just pick up which paint color is right for your room and apply it. Your home will get a fresh look with a new coat of painting. Painting is a great way of rearranging the look of your interior. You don’t have to hire a professional for the paint job, you can learn some simple tricks and painting and do it yourself. A new coat of painting won’t cost you more than $150, which makes it a great idea for home improvement.

Crown Molding

Crown molding is another home improvement idea which you can apply in your project. Crown molding will add charm and appeal to your home interior. There are some simple ways of doing a crown molding and you can do it on your own. The lightweight polystyrene foam will cover the interior of your home and change the look of your décor. The crown molding is another home improvement task which can be done within your budget. You won’t have to hire a professional for this job, you can easily do the crown molding.


Vintage Lantern

There are many hanging lantern available in the market, you should choose a one with a vintage look. A vintage hanging lantern will add a new flavor to the entrance of your house. The look of a hanging lantern is always classy and perfect for your home improvement. When choosing a lantern, you should choose the one that match with your decoration. The cost of a hanging lantern is well within your home improvement budget. So if you are thinking about a quick home improvement, you should go for a hanging lantern.


A new paint on the floor can change the interior look of your house dramatically. You can choose different floor color for different room. The design of your floor will represent the energy and appeal of your interior. If you have a limited budget for the home improvement task, renewing the floor might be the right option for you. There is no need to hire a professional for the flooring task, you just have to take few measurement and you can do the job yourself.

So these are some simple home improvement ideas for you. These budget friendly ideas will give your home a new and fresh look.


Buying a new house is getting expensive day by day and it is almost out of reach for families with limited income. So people are getting more interested in house remodeling or renovation projects. They have decided they will not sell their house to buy a new one, in fact remodeling is the better idea. House remodeling can make any house look new and more comfortable. The cost of house improvement is also well within your budget. House improvement work can be a difficult task if you don’t have a proper plan. So here are some simple tips to get you started.

Remodeling Kitchen

Kitchen is considered as the heart of your house. So when you are thinking about a house improvement, you should keep kitchen in that list. Any kind of update to a kitchen room will be pay off. Therefore house improvement is the other name for kitchen improvement. Remodeling a kitchen doesn’t mean that you have to make a fancy or deluxe one. Kitchen improvement is about making it more comfortable and hygienic. You can to clean the kitchen before the renovation work. You can hire a cleaning service for that work. There are many house cleaning services available in your city to provide you with a nice and clean kitchen.

Painting Work

Painting is probably the most cost effective way of changing the interior look of your house. Your house will look like a new one with a little paint job. House renovation should include painting your interior wall. A little paint will change the appeal of your house drastically. So choose some paint option and apply paint on the wall according to your furniture. You house will look stylish and elegant with a beautifully done paint job.


Remodeling Bathroom

Investing in a bathroom remodeling project is a wise thing to do with your house improvement. You can add new items to your bathroom and give it a fresh look. There are professionals who can provide a quality bathroom remodeling work. You can hire them to renovate the bathroom for you. There are many different remodeling ideas for bathroom and toilets. You should choose one which is budget friendly and also stylish. Bathroom remodeling will increase the appeal of your house. So if you are thinking about house improvement, bathroom remodeling should be on that list.

Windows and Doors

Windows and doors are important parts of your house. So consider remodeling those in your house renovation work. Replace the old windows with new sets of energy efficient windows and doors. You can also apply a window treatment with curtains and patios. Window treatments are most effective and cost effective procedure for house remodeling. With energy efficient windows you can save up to 40-50% of your electricity bill.

House remodeling work requires cleaning the house, it can be a difficult work if you don’t know the procedures. You can hire a cleaning services for that job. They will provide you a quality house cleaning services at a competitive price.



The word vacation is something which always remind you of some sweet memories and also a great expense. So the question is how to have a vacation without spending all of your money behind it. Here are advices for you to enjoy a vacation without hurting your wallet.

Option Comparison

Don’t make decision in a haste, wait until you compare all possible options. Comparing available options is a wise practice when you are planning a vacation. If there is an opportunity to get service from multiple sources, you should compare them all. This comparison is suitable for all vacation related service like, hotel booking, ticket booking, and renting cars. Do some research about the pricing and compare them all. For example if you are planning to rent a limousine on your vacation in Toronto, you should compare all Toronto Limos and decide on a limousine rental service. Don’t hire a middle man to do the comparison. You can compare the prices on your own with the help of internet.

You will find many limousine rental services on your vacation, I used Limo Service Toronto and had an excellent experience. Compare the facilities and prices of these different companies and you will discover the most suitable service for you at an affordable price.

Travel Planning

Vacation involves lots of traveling, so you have to plan according to your budget. You can do some research about the flight routers of different airlines if you are planning to travel on plane. There are many airlines which take multiple routes before the destination. A direct flight is the most convenient way of traveling to a destination. So find out which airline have a direct flight to your destination. It will reduce will travel cost. Comparing the price of different airlines is also very important, otherwise you might miss a cheap rate.

Consulting with Travel Agents

Sometimes if you want to travel to a new place, you need to collect some information before going there. A travel agent will assist you with these things. Consulting a travel agent is very helpful if you are planning a travel on a vessel. You won’t find much information about a cruise travel on the internet. So consulting with a travel agent is the more appropriate and effective. A travel agent often has relationship with the cruise lines and they know about the facilities. So a trip on a boat should be done after consulting with a travel agent.


Travel Smart

Traveling smart involves many things. It is from your hotel choice to your luggage choice. You have to pick the right option for traveling. A vacation won’t cost you much if you take the right decisions all the way. A limousine rental service is a good example for traveling smart. If you do some research about hiring a limousine, you will find that hiring a limousine doesn’t cost much. So you have to be smart with your vacation options. Smart decisions will ensure a smart, safe and efficient vacation for you. You can follow these advices and you will find out, how you can make your vacation memorable without breaking your bank.

There are no secretes behind a beautifully designed interior, there are no guidebooks for that.


You just have to follow your heart when it comes to interior decoration. Interior décor is all about creativity and a sense of style and elegance. Even interior decorator don’t follow any guidelines when they are performing a design. They just use their imagination and implement that in your home. Some rough thoughts and ideas can lead to a great interior design. You don’t have to be a master of designing to create an elegant environment within your home. Just be creative and innovative with your interior decorating ideas. So here are some cools tips to get you started with your interior decoration process –

Don’t go for the painting first, you have to leave it for last. It is often not implanted by house owners. They just want to get rid of the hassle of paint work and finish it before the decoration work. But the idea is not ideal and very wise. There are thousands of choice for you when it comes to choose the right paint color. With each paint color your house will look different. You should choose the color that complements the furniture’s of your room. So you have to leave the paint work for last. It will give you the opportunity to add a nice finishing touch to your decoration.

Too many furniture within a room can take all the space. You have to be clever with the furniture placement. Overcrowding your room with excessive furniture is never a good idea. Give your furniture some breathing space and make your room open for walking. You should spend after quality products not quantity of products. Your room will get a far better look with little numbers of furniture.

You can have some painting on the wall to add a taste of elegance in your interior decoration. The artworks must be in right heights. Not too close to the floor and not on the ceiling. Many house owners often have the tendency to hang the artworks higher and out of reach. Your artworks should be within the eye level of your visitors. So maintain a proper height with your artwork add a sense of elegance to your interior decoration.

Creating a focal point is also very important factor you should consider while decorating your interior. The most beautiful piece of your interior design should be the focal point of the room. Focal point can be anything, a mantel or a piece of art. It must be something people will look twice. So don’t go for too many primary focal point. It will create a visual disturbance in your decoration.

You can also display your collectables in your decoration. Choose some small pieces of collectables and arrange those in order. Don’t hang any pieces that doesn’t fit, oversized pieces should not be used. The final step of decoration is the lighting. It is an important part of the interior décor. So choose the right combination of lighting for your room.